Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Happy 2019

Dear Friends

    I hope that each and everyone of you that Celebrates Christmas and New Years had a very wonderful time with your family and friends. 

For Christmas I went to my older brother's house on Christmas Eve Day and we all celebrated Christmas together and had a Ham Dinner.  It was really good. 

Than my Birthday was three days after Christmas so I went some good friends of mine and we went to Red Robin for my Birthday.  That is where I wanted to go.  Than we went to the Big Mall afterwards and I went to Barnes and Nobles and I bought two books that I wanted and a Stitching Magazine.  Than we went to Bath & Body Works and I bought some Body Lotion.  Than we went to two other stores. 

By the time we got done at the Mall my Back was in pain and I was very tired.  There was no place to sit near the stores in the hallways because they had booths set up that people were selling their stuff from.  I ended up laying on a Heating pad for two nights in a row and my Back finally got better.  My Back - feet - legs - cannot stand to be standing on Tiled Floor for 3 to 6 hours at a time due to my Bone Disease that I have.  I was never so glad to get back home and get in my bed.  I did not do nothing that week at all. 

For New Years Eve I just stayed home.  I did not want to go anywhere at all and my town was full of drunks so I stayed where it was nice and safe in my nice little cozy cabin. 

I have been reading.  I finished two books this year already...Yeah for me.  I am reading a Book that is on my Kindle that I bought from Amazon and it is one of Elizabeth Peters Books.  It is the 5th Book in her Peabody Amelia Mystery Series.  I can't think the name of it right off hand but it is really good.  It has 400 some pages to it. 

I am reading my own books here at home and I will continue to do so from now on.  Right now I am reading my Books that I have on my Kindle.  As of today I have 13 Books on my Kindle to read which is not bad at all. 

I also have Library E Books to read but I think what I am going to do is to buy them for my Kindle.  This way I can take my time in Reading my Books.  I do not like to be rushed when it comes to Reading my Books.  In My County Library System we are only allowed to keep books for three weeks - Library E Books - if we are not done reading a book by than we are not allowed to renew that book at all.  This is why I am going to just buy the Kindle Version of the Book instead of reading it as a Library E Book.  I love reading Library E Books but I cannot take my time in reading them and I cannot renew them. 

I have been stitching and right now my focus point is Silver Moon Tea by Mirabilia - Nora Corbett-Adams.  I am almost done with this.  I only stitch in the Evening Time. 

We are suppos to get Lake Effect Snow either tonight or tomorrow.  I am not sure.  First they said today and tonight and now they are changing it to tomorrow.  We shall see.  I hope we don't get any until after Thursday cause I need to go Grocery Shopping soon.  It is cloudy out so it may start snowing any minute and it is getting colder out too.

I had to get a new Battery for my Car and I took it to my favorite Car Guy and he put a Brand New Battery in for me.  The other Battery came with the car when I bought it so we don't know how old that Battery is.  So due to Wintery Weather I decided to go ahead and get a new Battery for my Car just to be on the safe side.

I got the Flu on New Years Day and I was sick for three days.  I am 100% better now and I am so glad of that. 

Well I think this is all I have for you for now. 

Happy New Years 2019

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup


  1. Glad you are feeling better now! It sounds like you had a great Christmas and birthday celebration. Happy 2019 and Stitching to you!

  2. glad you had a great birthday, mine is on the 5th of January. I like Buttercup.

  3. Happy New Year, hope your back is much better .

  4. That flu needs to leave you alone! Happy new year!

  5. Happy Late Birthday! I'm glad you had a great Christmas/Birthday/New Years (minus the being sick!). Hopefully you aren't totally snowed in now. :)