Saturday, December 17, 2016

My County is getting a Ice Storm Today

Dear Friends

Thank you so very much for all of your comments that you have been leaving on my Posts lately...I so very much appreciate them.  I love getting Comments.  Thank you so very much.

Yesterday we got a Snow Storm - Today which is Saturday we are getting a Ice Storm as well as tonight.  Tomorrow we are getting another Snow Storm.  What a weekend due to the weather.  I am not suppose to get out in this type of weather due to all of my Health Problems that I have.  Its too early for this type of Weather.  Its not suppose to come til January or February - that is when we get all of the bad extreme weather.

I did get out the other day and I got my car cleaned off but I broke my Windshield Wiper off and I have light scrape marks on my hood thanks to my Ice Scraper that I was using.  Oh this weather is so frightful.  I have a brother that I live with in our Parents house but he doesn't help me very much and I can't shovel the snow or go out and clean my car off in this type of weather.  We have been having extreme cold temps all of this week.  Tomorrow it is going to be 12 - 15 Below Zero F. - that is going to be the normal temp for tomorrow.  That is not the Wind Chill Factor.

As soon as this weather straightens up I need to go to Walmart and I want to go to Verizon which is between Walmart and McDonalds and I am going to buy the IPHONE 6s.  That is going to be my Christmas - Birthday Present to myself.  I am done using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Phones - they get extremely hot and they don't recognize the Sim Card half the time.  When my phone says that it does not recognize the Sim Card - my phone is literally dead and I cannot use my phone until I re-start my phone.  This happens about 50 times a day and this is a pain in the frigid temps to put it nicely....LOL.....Yesterday I tried something - every time my phone would get extremely hot - I would shut it off - take the battery out of my phone - and leave it just like that for a good half hour - than I would put my phone back together and it worked just fine each time I did that....I did that once too many times yesterday so I don't hardly use my phone.  I am hoping that I can get to Walmart and to Verizon on Wed but as of this morning the Weather Report for Wed for the County that I need to drive to is going to be Snow - like 30 or 40% Chance of Snow.  I hope not cause I need to get groceries and I need to get to Verizon.  Although I could call Verizon Up over the Phone and do it that way too.  I may have to do that if I can't get to Verizon on Wed.  I had Verizon once before and I wish I never would have change but when you have a brother - not the one that I am living with - my older brother who thinks he knows it all and you can't tell him anything because he is a expert on everything including what you call Life and he is all Business.  I love my brothers but it makes it very difficult tell them anything because they act like I don't know what I am talking about.  I only have 5 brothers total - 4 blood brothers and one half brother that is all...just five brothers....  My half brother does not associate with the rest of us...he has abandon us completely.  Its his loss not ours.  We didn't do nothing but help him out all of his growing up years and we got abandon by him.  Its a shame that he is that way but we can't do anything about it.  I hope he will wake up someday and realizes how much we still love him and care about him and that he will come around and visit me and my brothers and our cousins before it is too late.  But anyways one way or the other on Wednesday I will be either ordering my Verizon IPHONE 6s over the Phone or going to Verizon and buying me one right from the store.

I had 5 different Heart Tests done not too long ago at a Heart - Vascular Institute due to my dizziness that I was experiencing during my last Vacation.  I go see my Cardiologist on Thursday of this coming week to find out the results of all 5 of my Heart Tests that I had done.  I would like to have Prayers and thoughts that I get nothing but good news and that my Right Abundant Branch Block is not any worse and that my left one is not block at all.  My family history on my dad's side has had heart problems of all sorts and my one brother has had open heart surgery so I am hoping and praying for good news from my Cardiologist.  I really like the Heart - Vascular Institute that I go to - the whole staff is just super fantastic and very friendly and they love to joke around.  I love my Cardiologist too.  He is a great Heart Surgeon.

That is all for now....Hope that you are all having a really nice weekend....

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad, Jeannie


  1. You might be getting part of what blew through Arizona last night after shutting our electricity off with high winds and leaving snow in the higher elevations. Hope the weather holds off until you can get your groceries. Sounds like a good time to stitch all day!

  2. Stay safe and warm in the storm Linda.
    Hope all your test results come back with good results for you, that would a nice Christmas present for you.