Sunday, March 20, 2016

What I'm Reading, Went to my Library, Finished Reading A Book, The Weather

Dear Friends

    I have accomplished one of my Reading Goals for this year and that was to finish reading a 809 Page Book.  The name of the Book that I finished reading is called "Ship Of Magic" by Robin Hobb.  This book is so good.  This is Book #1 in The Liveship Traders Trilogy.  There are three books altogether in this Trilogy and I have all three of them.  I am not going to read them back to back because they are all over 800 pages long.  I will start on Book #2 sometime but don't know when yet. 

 I finally got my Drivers License in the mail with my new address on it.  I went to my favorite Library yesterday afternoon and I got my new Library Card.  It is for the whole County and its Free for me.  I can go to any Library in the County and check out books.  I can check out 200 or 500 books if I want to at one time.  I am just using that as an example.  There are no limits on the number of books that I can check out at one time and I dearly love it.  My favorite Library has a Snack Area where you can go, sit down, and have a snack - they have a pop machine and a candy machine.  My Library has a Fire Place.  They have Tables and Chairs right next to the Windows where you can look out at the main highway if you want.  The Tables have Lamps on them.  My Library has a For Sale Cart that is loaded up with Books and Magazines that you can buy for a real cheap price.  I can get on my Library's Web Site and create all kinds of shelves,  I can put books on there for Later,  and do other numerous things as well.  My Library is constantly getting new books in all of the time.  They also have a huge Magazine Selection too.  Its a small Library but the Atmosphere is super fantastic and the employees are super fantastic and they have some really neat books that you can check out.  If they don't have a book that you want you can get on the website and put a hold on the book.  I always go to the Children's Section to see what they have cause I love reading Children's Books like Nancy Drews and those type of Books and about Ghosts and the Children's Editions of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  I cannot say enough about my Library.  I dearly love my Library.  I spend lots of hours at the Library just sitting there, reading my book and looking at books.  They have a Monthly Newsletter,  they have another magazine called "Book Page" and this talks about the upcoming books, Authors, and anything that is Book Related.  It is Free and it comes out every month.  I just got the April's Issue of this. 

I put two books on Hold through the Library's Website :)  That makes me Happy. 

My three Books that I checked out from my Library are:

Remembrance by Meg Cabot
The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
A Tine To Live,  A Tine To Die by Edith Maxwell

My two Magazines that I checked out from my Library are:

Mary Janes Farm

Those are my two favorite Magazines. 

I read a lot from March through November and spend endless hours at my Library. 

My Library Book that I am currently reading is called "Remembrance" by Meg Cabot.  This book is so good.  Its a very thick book but that is okay. 

We are having very cold weather this whole is only 29 Degrees out this morning as I am writing this.  I don't like to get out when it is this cold outside.  Its hard on my Lungs. 

I am spending the day in my jammies,  reading my book, and reading the Sunday's Edition of the Paper which is awfully thick. 

Have a Beautiful Day

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Sounds like a fun day for you today! I always thought my dream job would be to work in the library; I wouldn't get anything done! Keep warm.

  2. Goodness I would never leave...

  3. I would like living near your library. It would be my second home :)