Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Showers Progress Picture, Other News

100_9401 - Spring Showers - Designer - Ursula Michael - 3-25-2016
Spring Showers
Designer - Ursula Michael - Imaginating INC
Progress Friday 3-25-2016
I dearly love stitching on is so cute and so adorable and so Springy Looking.  I dearly love the colors in this project.  I have the bottom half of this done now.  It is completely finished.  I just have the top section to do which is the Umbrella Part and the words "April Showers".  The words "April Showers" is going to be hard to do because they are on a slant going above the Umbrella.  I am going to grid my material up at the top so I know where the wording goes since it is on a slant.  That is the only way I can do the slanting words. 
I want to thank my new follower Bea for becoming a follower of my Blog - thank you so much Bea.  I really appreciate all of you who are followers of my Blog.  Thank you all so very much.  I love having Followers - you leave beautiful comments and you take the time out to look at my Blog.  Thanks so very much. 
I will have another progress photo posted on Monday - its my project called Daisy Offerings.  I have started to work on this again. 
I am going to take it easy today and enjoy my day, stitch, and read.  Maybe take a nap or two.  Who knows. 
Thanks for all of the beautiful comments...I so very much appreciate them.  You all mean so much to me. 
Have a Beautiful Day
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. I love the piece you are working on, thats a great idea to make a grid for the letters for April Showers.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and following me. I'll follow your too.

  2. What a lovely bright stitch! Happy Easter Linda.

  3. Hello Linda, Bright happy spring showers. very pretty. I think we all love followers especially when we can see their faces. thank you for following, I´m added above :-))

  4. That is a very cheerful project - looking forward to seeing your progress. Slanting words are a bit of a problem, aren't they, but usually well worth the extra effort.

  5. That's a wonderful piece for some spring stitching with its bright colours. Nice progress!