Saturday, February 27, 2016

I moved back to my Hometown

Dear Friends

   Sorry I haven't been posting for a few weeks but I was very busy packing my belongings and I moved back to my hometown to be closer to my family. 

   I am slowly unpacking boxes and as I am unpacking the boxes I am going through and weening out what I don't want and keeping what I do want.  My one brother has taken 9 bags of clothes to Goodwill so far and 6 Walmart Bags full of Books to Goodwill so far. 

  I now have my very own Private Library/Craft Room and I have room for all of my plastic Totes now...Yeah!  I am so happy about that.  Its not so crowded either.  I have room to breathe. 

I moved back in the house that I was raised and grew up in and I am sleeping in my bedroom that I slept in when I was a little girl.  I took my younger brother's bedroom and using that room as my Private Library/Craft Room because its much bigger and I got more room. 

I moved last Saturday - my older brother and my three nephews helped me moved and where I was living at before it is an hour away from my home town.  I am so glad to be back in my small hometown and to be closer to my family.  My LNS is only a half hour away from me now which makes it really nice.  If I need something I can drive for a half hour and get it and see what they got all at the same time. 

Most of my Stitching Projects are still packed away in some box yet.  I got a few out of a box but the one that I want to work on is still packed away yet.  I have been crocheting on my Afghan and I am almost done with my Afghan.  Than I have another Granny Square Afghan to put together after I buy more Green Yarn that a dear close friend gave me to finish the morning that she ended up in the hospital and died a few days later.  I am keeping this Afghan after I get it finished.  I will always cherish this afghan and the Granny Squares that she made for this Afghan. 

My brother that is living with me he let me have Dish Network so all we had to do is to add another receiver and I have my chair, my TV,  my Dish Network Receiver in my Private Library/Craft Room so I can sit there, work on my projects,  and watch TV.  I need to buy either one or two lamps for my Private Library/Craft Room but I haven't decided which Lamps I am going to buy yet.  Maybe a smaller size Lamp for my Sewing Table.  Not sure on that yet. 

I have been reading my Book - its a Mystery Book and its a Victorian Mystery Story.  I think the name of it is called "Symptoms Of Death" by Paula Paul.  I will be done with my book tonight.  After I get my new Drivers License due to Change Of Address I am going to my favorite Library and get a new County Library Card which is free to me and I am going to start going to my favorite Library.  I am going to read one book from my Private Library at a time and read one book from the Library.  This way I can get my very own books read and read a Library Book as well.  I do my reading early in the mornings while I am having my Coffee and sometimes at Night too.  I will have access to 7 different Libraries and it won't cost me a thing. 

I can walk around in my hometown and go everywhere that I need to go by Walking instead of having to drive everywhere I need to go.  The only time that I will need to drive is if I go to this one Gas Station that has good food because they don't have no place to sit so I have to stand to eat and its hard on my feet and legs so if I drive than I can stand and eat while I am there.  If I don't eat there than I can walk to it. 

I loved living where I was at before and I miss everyone there at the former Apt Bldg but it was time for me to get moved while we were all healthy and in good shape and the weather was just perfect.  It was like 50 degrees outside last weekend.  It was a week ago today that I moved. 

My kitty kat - Railroad is real happy to be back home too....he loves laying on the couch and he will be hogging the front porch this summer and so will I.  I will be sitting on the front porch, eating, and working on my projects.  I love sitting out on the front porch.  It is all enclosed and it makes it really nice to sit out there on a Spring Rainy Day and watch it rain and listen to the soft rain coming down while I am stitching. 

I am so tired from moving and from unpacking boxes and going through those boxes - I still have a long ways to go yet.  I ended up taking a long afternoon nap today and I needed that nap. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. how nice you are in your old bedroom. sounds like a great move. weeding out stuff is also good. clear the clutter. I am sure when your friends afghan is done it will make you smile. have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like a great move being back in your hometown and closer to family. It's lovely to have access to so many libraries.

  3. It's good to be home! It sounds like a lovely place where you can get some good stitching done!