Saturday, December 5, 2015

I had a super Thanksgiving Weekend

Dear Friends

   I had a super fantastic Thanksgiving Weekend.  My girlfriend and her Mom from our home town came to spend the entire day with me.  We visited, catch up on old times, went out to eat and I got my Ham Dinner.  Oh it was so very delicious.  I love my Ham Dinners. 

  I had to go back to my doctor this week because I am still coughing really bad and I felt like crap so I went back to my doctor.  Come to find out I have lots of Bronchial Trouble so he put me on several different meds including three different kinds of Inhalers and I am using all three of them every single day.  They help me in different ways.  I will probably stay on all three of them for the rest of my life.  I have major lungs-bronchial trouble due to my bone condition so I have to be very careful anytime I get a cold or anything like that and I have to get to my doctor right away so I don't get any worse.  If I start coughing really bad than I know it has to do with my Bronchial/Lungs area.  This also affects my Breathing really bad too.  Since I am on these different meds my Breathing is a little bit better and I think my coughing is just a tad bit better but every time I eat or drink something than I cough afterwards.  Part of that is from my Acid Reflux too which I am on Meds for that too. 

I just haven't felt like doing any stitching with me being sick for the last 4 weeks now.  I have been reading like crazy.  I am reading "The Martian" by Andy Weir right now and I only have three more chapters to read in this book and than I am completely finished with this book.  Than I want to finish reading "Ship Of Magic" by Robin Hobb on my Kindle Tablet which is Book #1 in The Liveship Traders Trilogy.  I have ordered Book #2 in this series which is called "Mad Ship" from Amazon.  It is the actual physical copy of the book.  I have the actual physical copy of Book #1 too.  There is one more book in this series called "Ship Of Destiny".  I want to finish this Trilogy by the end of this year. 

I have met several goals on Good Reads for this year.  Goal one was to finish the James Patterson's Women's Murder Club Series which I have.  The next book in this series is coming out next year.  Goal Two was to read a very thick book that has over 600 Pages to it and I am accomplishing that right now - the book that I am reading for this goal is Ship Of Magic - this book has 809 Pages to it. Goal #3 was to read 50 Books for this year and I have read 80 books so far this year.  This year is the very first year that I have managed to meet so many of my goals on Good Reads.  I am so very proud of myself. 

Last night was the very first night that I felt like staying up, watching all of my Friday Night TV Shows and reading my book.  I was in 7th Heaven last night.  I had a very relaxing, peaceful, quiet evening with my Child - Railroad - my cat.  We had our play time and it was so nice to just stay home all day yesterday and do what I wanted.  I read all day yesterday and last night til I went to bed. 

I am going to spend the day reading, watching TV, and playing with Railroad.  I am expecting another Book Package from Amazon today and I can't wait.  I am ordering all of the Books in the Pegasus Series by Kate O'Hearn.  This series is so very good.  So far there are 5 Books in this series and I already own the first two books and my third book is coming today.  They are the actual physical copies.  I can't wait til I start to read this series.  It is so good. 

Have a Beautiful Weekend

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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  1. Sending a get well (hug)
    Enjoy your new books