Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Fall Everyone

Dear Friends

   As I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. and I looked at the temperature for outside and it is only 53 Degrees F outside.  I love the early morning crisp cool air.  It is Fall time and Fall Time is my favorite time of the year.  The Trees starts to change colors,  the leaves start to fall onto the ground from the trees,  lots of Fall Decorations,  lots of eating Pumpkin Pie and I dearly love anything that has to do with Pumpkin mixture in it.  It is rather cold out early in the mornings so I always wear my Hat and Coat when the temps are in the 50's so I can keep from getting sick. 

  I am reading a new Library Book and it is called "Dishing the Dirt" by M. C. Beaton.  I love all of M. C. Beaton Books.  They are all a Agatha Raisin Mystery Books.  Another author that I dearly love is Simon Brett.  Oh he is so good.  My Library has all of M. C. Beaton Books and all of Simon Brett Books.  They are really good Mysteries. 

I went to Bible Study yesterday morning and we studied the book of Hebrews.  It was really interesting and I learn some things about Hebrews that I never knew before.  This is why Bible Study is so important to me.  A person learns so much about the Bible and the Books of the Bible when you study the books of the Bible. 

Today is the Mid Week Meal at my church plus Triple F tonight at my church so I don't know if I am going to go to this today or not.  I have a big day tomorrow and tomorrow night and I would like to stay home today and just do my own thing and go to bed extra early tonight. 

I am slowly getting things put back together in my Little Castle since I had to move everything in order for the guys to put in my Walk In Shower.  I dearly love my Walk In Shower.  It is a God send for me to have.  I have bought a new Toilet Paper Holder,  new pretty green fuzzy warm rugs for my bathroom, a new bath mat so far for my Bathroom.  Sometimes a person has to have new things in their bathroom.  I still need to buy a new Toothbrush holder, and I also want to get new wash cloths as well too and new Bath Towels.  My bathroom is not all that big but I still want it to look really nice.  I am going to splurge next month at Walmart and get the rest of my bathroom stuff that I want to buy yet. 

I am stitching on Autumn Splendor by Stoney Creek and I am getting closer in getting this done.  I am also stitching on Daisy Offerings as well too by HAED - Sandra Kuck who now has retired all of her patterns. 

For those of us who are experiencing Fall I hope that you will enjoy this Fall Season and admire all of the Beauty that goes along with the Fall Season.  Happy Fall Everyone :)

When I was on my Vacation I bought my 2016 Wire Bound Calendar that I use to write my Appts in and all of that.  This one has a Daily Devotion to it and I dearly love it.  The name of the Calendar is called Simplicity.  I bought it at Barnes and Nobles.  It is so pretty and I just love it.  I like to get a different Calendar every year for my Appts and my other Dates and all of that.  I love pretty Calendars.  The Company "Lang" has beautiful Calendars of all types plus they have Coffee Mugs too which there are a couple that I want to get from them this next month. 

I have gotten all of Nancy Drew Mystery Books up to Book #15.  I now have Books #1- #15.  I am slowly getting them.  I am getting them from Amazon.  I love Nancy Drew Books.  They are fantastic.  I also love The Hardy Boys Books too. 

Happy Fall :)

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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  1. I'm an Agatha Raisin fan too, had the pleasure of meeting M C Beaton some time ago which was fun to hear her give a talk.