Friday, August 14, 2015

Progress Picture of Autumn Splendor

100_9310 - Autumn Splendor by Stoney Creek - Friday  8-14-2015
Autumn Splendor
Designer - Stoney Creek
Friday - Aug 14, 2015
I am almost done with the Baby Deer - I just have the head to finish up and than the back stitching on the baby deer.  Than I will start on the Fence Post and than once I get the Fence Post done than this project will be finished.  This is getting closer in being finished. 
I finished reading 12th of Never by James Patterson.  This is his 12th Book in his Women's Murder Club Series.  I have Books #13 and #14 to read yet.  I am taking a break from them for the time being and I am now reading a book called "Friends, Lovers, Chocolate" by Alexander McCall Smith.  I am enjoying this book so far.  I have one less book now in my TBR Pile on my Night Stand. 
We have been having cooler weather now and I love it.  I have been sitting outside on my Patio in the mornings and having my breakfast and reading my book.  I love the nice cool air in the mornings and in the evenings.  I don't hardly run my A/C now due to the cooler weather. 
I want to thank all of you for all of your comments on my posts....they mean so much to me and I am so thankful for each and everyone of you. 
I had a scare this past Tuesday morning - I was on my way to my Bible Study at my Church and when I got to a Intersection - Street turning onto a major highway - my brakes went out on me big time.  I drove real slow and I mean real slow down a major highway and I manage to get my car back to my Apt Building and manage to get my car in Park.  My heart was in my mouth for a couple of hours.  I was a nervous wreck and I hit the Panic Button really fast.  My car is in the shop and come to find out one of my Brake Lines broke so they are replacing my broken Brake Line and putting a brand new one on.  I am just glad that I made it back home safe and sound without getting into a accident.  Oh that was so scary.  This is the second time now that this has happened to me. 
I am getting a Walk In Shower put in and I have my Apt all ready now for the guys to put in my Walk In Shower and take out the Bathtub.  I am so excited about this.   
Thanks for taking the time out to read my posts and I hope that you all have a very good day, night, morning.  Depending where you live at. 
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad 


  1. Gosh Linda, so glad you are safe & sound! That was a scary incident! Your stitching is beautiful! So are you! Take care!

  2. Thank goodness, you got home safely with a broken brake line.

  3. Great progress! Glad everything turned out ok :)

  4. Scarey adventure you had...glad you are safe and all will be repaired and well again.
    Beautiful stitching..

  5. This is such a lovely design and I always love seeing your progress on it.
    So good that no accident happened and that your car is repaired now.