Sunday, July 12, 2015

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100_9300 - Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell - 7-10-2015
Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell.  I am on the Home Stretched now of this project.  I will be done with this project by the end of next week hopefully.  Than I am going to cry cause I won't be working on this anymore and I will miss working on this.  I have been working on this for almost 4 years on and off throughout the 4 years.  I stitch on this in the mornings and in the early afternoons. 
The next picture that you will see of this will be the whole picture completely finished :)  I am so happy that it is getting closer to the Finish Line... Yeah :) 
I am also stitching on Daisy Offerings - HAED - Sandra Kuck.  HAED stands for Heaven and Earth Designs.  I am stitching on this in the late afternoons/evenings.  I will show my progress of this tomorrow which is Monday. 
After I get RMC completely finished than I will be stitching on Autumn Splendor by Stoney Creek and finish this one up for my brother.  I don't have that much more to stitch on this project. 
This past week I put a order in to House Of Stitches - this is my LNS...I dearly love love this place and the ladies are super fantastic.  They are going to frame RMC for me.  I ordered two Stoney Creek Pattern Booklets and one Little House Needleworks Pattern plus several skeins of DMC Threads from them.  I should be getting my Stash in the mail sometime this week.  I can't wait til I get my stash goodies from House Of Stitches. 
This week I also received my box of Books from Amazon plus I also received my order from Barnes and Nobles which was a DVD Movie that I wanted.  I ordered 5 Books from Amazon and I am reading one of the books now. 
The two books that I am reading are called
11th Hour by James Patterson - this is his 11th Book in his Women's Murder Club Series.  I have read Books #1 - #10 so far and now I am on Book #11.  I will continue to read this series until I am caught up with this series.  There are 14 Books now in this Series. 
The second book that I am reading is called Ship Of Magic by Robin Hobb.  I love her books.  They are so great.  This is also a Series called Traders Ship or something like that.  This book has 809 Pages to it and I am on Page 123 I think it is.  I read a few pages from this book every day.  Than when I get this book done than I will go onto Book #2.  Which is just as thick as the first one is and so is he 3rd book very thick.  I love reading thick big books. 
We are still have rain/storms where I live at. 
I came down with Tracheobronchitis Attack again - its been six months since my last attack of this.  I am so much better now.  My doctor put me on 3 heavy duty meds and I am still taking 2 of them and my 3rd one I am done with.  I get this every year and its dangerous for me to get this cause it can turn into Pneumonia real easy.  The Bronchitis goes down into my Tracheo Tubes which is a very bad thing for me.  I had this for 3 weeks this time. 
I had company on Thursday - my older brother and his wife came and spent the day with me.  It was so good to see them.  We only get to see each other once or twice a year and that is about it.  My brother is a computer tech guy so he comes and brings me all kinds of computer stuff and works on my computer and fixes my cell phone charger...LOL....This time he gave me a brand new Brother Printer 4/1 and I love it.  My new printer can fax,  print,  copy,  and scan.  I love it.  I had my HP Printer for over 30 years so it was time to go to Printer Heaven.  My brother took it with him which gave me more room on my Card Table.  We went to Bob Evans to eat and had a nice time and the food was good.  I got my Steak Dinner.  Oh that was so very delicious. 
Have a Good Week Everyone
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad 

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  1. Your stitching is looking so beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. I know it will make you a bit sad to finish it, but you will just have to find something to take it's place that you will love just as much:)
    Sorry to hear you were so sick, but glad you're feeling better now!
    Happy stitching and reading!