Friday, January 23, 2015

Rocky Mountain Christmas Progress, Books, Foot

100_9254 - Rocky Mountain Christmas - Marty Bell - 1-23-2015
Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell.  More progress on this.  I have a little bit more to go on Rows 2 & 3 of Page 6 to finish up and than I can go back to Page 5 and finish that page up.  Than finish Page 6.  This is the only project that I am working on right now because I would like to get this one finished this year. 
I finished reading another book called "Might As Well Be Dead" by Rex Stout.  I dearly love Rex Stout Books.  He is a really good Author.  He was born and raised in a town called Noblesville IN which is about 3 hours away from me.  He died in 1975.  He wrote 46 Books and he managed to write before he passed away and they were published after he had passed away.  I dearly love Rex Stout Books.  They are all Mysteries.  He is well known for his Nero Wolfe Mystery Series.  They are really good.  I have a friend who gets his books from the VA and than he gives them to me to read. Its mostly Rex Stout Books.  Than I give them back to him after I am done reading them. 
I am currently reading "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer.  This is Book #1 in The Lunar Chronicles.  I dearly love love love this book.  It is based from the Cinderella Story but its more on the Science Fiction side and it is so good.  I can't hardly put this one down.  I am already in Book Two Section of this book.  It is a really thick book.  There are two more books in this series called Scarlett and Cress.  I am planning on buying the other two books. 
I am dying to get to my local library....I don't go in the Winter Time due to the obvious reasons.  The first day that I get to go weather permitting...I usually start going in February....there are two books that I am just dying to read and my local library has both of them....One is called "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Powell...I think that is the Author's name....and the second book that I want to get and read at the same time is "10th Anniversary" by James Patterson.  This is Book #10 in the Women's Murder Club Series".  He just wrote another one called 14th something so I need to get caught up on these.  I have read 1 - 9 already.  This year I am planning on getting caught up on James Patterson's Women's Murder Club Series. 
I have three Spiral Notebooks full of Books and their Authors that I want to read so I will be doing lost of reading and probably less stitching once I start going to the Library.  I love to read.  I love spending time at my Library, just sitting there and reading.  I love looking at real old books.  I am a Library Freak.  I just love Libraries and I have always been that way.  I could live in a Library without a problem.  I use to work at my hometown Library for almost 2 years until I started having back problems and than I had to quit. 
I don't know if I have mentioned this or not but if any of you are into Science Fiction/Fantasy type books....go to You Tube, than type in Book Tubers and there will be a whole list of them that will show up and what it is - is that there are readers who makes a video of their books, bookshelves, what they have read, how good a book it is and etc and its mostly all Science Fiction - Fantasy books that they talk about.  I just love these Book Tube Videos.  That is how my list is getting longer and longer each time. 
I have some on my Kindle Tablet that I want to read too and the series is called "Booktown Mystery" and there are like 7 or 8 books in this series.  I have all of them on my Kindle Tablet.  I have read the first two books in this series so far. 
I am now walking without my walker somewhat...I go by how my foot is feeling.....I can pretty much walk without my walker as long as I am inside and don't have too far to walk.  When I am out and about by myself I take my walker and use it for safety reasons since I don't want to fall.  I put my Orthotics back in my shoes and that has been helping a lot.  My foot still hurts when I am walking but I think its due to my shoes not being big enough for my Orthotics so I am going have to get some bigger shoes in the New Balance Brand.  I am doing things on my own pretty much now and I have been out and about when its been nice out.  It is still winter where I am living at so I just take one day at a time and go out when its nice snow or ice. 
I think I am all caught up now with all of my news....
Have a Beautiful Weekend
Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad 


  1. Love this design and love seeing your progress. I like the Women's Murder Club as well but I am only up to Book 9. Have you read the Sue Grafton Alphabet series?

  2. Rocky Mountain Christmas looks gorgeous!!

  3. Really nice job!! I'm following you now!