Monday, July 14, 2014

Railroad's Mess that he Made Saturday Night

100_9151 - Railroad's Mess that he made himself - 7-12-2014100_9150 - Railroad's Mess That He Made - 7-12-2014

This is the Mess that my lovely 4-legged child  - Railroad - made late Saturday Night. 
He decided to try to break his very own record of jumping on a small counter that
is in my kitchen.  He managed very well to get his two front paws up on top of the counter top
but than he fell back down and when he fell back down this is what happened...his food bowl flip and
all of his food went flying everywhere on my Kitchen Floor...geesh!  I sort of discovered that when you are walking on Pet Food - Cat's or Dog's you can make it to first base really fast - their food is slippery than an ice skating rink when you are walking on their food.  I don't think Railroad will be
trying his new Acrobatic Jump too soon.  He has interrupted my stitching time too Saturday Night...Geesh....

Just leave it to my child - he is the only one that would try a new acrobatic jump and land his two front paws right on top of my small kitchen counter.  He knew he was in trouble because he always has this look on his face that he knows that he is in deep doo doo with his Mother! 

I thought I would show this to you and show you what my child did on Saturday Night.  Just what I wanted to spend my time doing - cleaning up his Mess! 

I love him though but at times he gets on my what he did Saturday Night! 

Have a Blessed Day
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad who is still in deep doo doo

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