Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just finished another book

Dear Friends

   I just finished reading another book called "Carlotta's Kittens" by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  This is a really cute story about this Mother who had 5 little kittens and she doesn't want them so these kitties run into two other adult cats - Mother and Father - and they take them under their wings and teach them on how to be on their own.  One of the kitties name is Catnip and he gets himself into more problems - dangerous ones - and he gets rescued every time.  Finally these five little kitties find their way back to their house that they originally came from and the one kitty starts to dream about his Mother.  That was the end of the story. 

As I was reading this story I often thought about the time that Railroad - my cat - and I found each other 7 summers ago at 1 am in the morning in the bad end of town when I was out walking around.  I often think about his Mother and where she is at, what happened to the Mother Cat of Railroad.  It made me stop and think about his Mother.  I am sure that she was or is worried about Railroad if she was still around him when he was born.  When we found each other Railroad was just a little bitty thing and if we did not adopt each other Railroad would've never made it due to coming from the bad end of town.  I am so very thankful that Railroad is with me and that he is safe and sound and is very spoiled at that :)....He is my baby and he will always be with me until one of us dies.  He would not be happy anywhere else but with me. 

I went to my Foot Doctor this morning to get my Left Orthotic re-adjusted and the bone and the muscle and the tendon that is on the right side of my foot has been inflamed, swollen up for a couple of months now. He told me that it has to heal on its own and it will be another month or two before it gets completely healed up.  Its getting better but it will be a while before it is completely healed up.  It is not hurting like it was and I am so glad of that.  I am back to wearing my shoe again because my walking boot was making my heel hurt.  I am wearing both of my Orthotics now in my shoes and I am wearing both shoes now.  I am hoping that it will continue to stay that way. 

I went to the Library yesterday and spent all morning at the Library.  I went into the Children's section and checked out 7 books.  I love going to the Library and spending time there.  They have some really old books at my Library and they are so fascinating to look at.

I would like to thank my new Follower - Sandy in Montana for following my Blog...the more the merrier...I love people who follow my Blog and I follow theirs.  Thanks for all of the wonderful Compliments too on my posts.  I really appreciate them so very much. 

Have a Blessed Evening, Morning, Noon time...wherever you are at!

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Your cat is lucky to be in such a loving home! Hope your foot is better soon.

  2. I'm glad your foot is getting better and you can wear shoes again! Railroad is lucky to have you!

  3. They say a cat chooses its owner, my cat came to me as a stray, he arrive one day and never left. I did check who his owner was and they were happy for him to live with me as they were moving house very soon.