Saturday, May 3, 2014

English Paper Piece Hexagons, Made Another Triangle for my Spider Web Quilt

100_9126 - English Paper Pieced Hexagons done by hand and thread - 5-3-2014
I have been making English Paper Piece Hexagons - just material, thread, and paper.  The material that I am using is in the photo as well too.  There is more than just that and will be more later on.  I love making English Paper Piece Hexagons.  They are fun to do, easy, and you can take these everywhere you go and work on them.  I taught myself to make these.  I am going to make them first and than I will put them together.  What I would love to do with these is to make a Quilt out of them.  That is what I really want to make out of these Hexagons.  I may make a Table Runner or a Place mat first to see how to finish the backing off. 

100_9129 - Triangle for my Spider Web Quilt - 5-3-2014
I made another Triangle for my Spider Web Quilt.  I have sowed two Triangles together this morning and I have half of my Quilt Block finished....I have two more Triangles to make and than I can finish my Quilt Block. 
Thanks for looking...enjoy....
God Bless You
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Linda K, Railroad


  1. The fabric looks very nice:)

  2. They're lovely fabrics Linda, & I agree, they are so portable & easy to do... enjoy!

  3. Lovely colourful fabrics you've chosen for this project.