Friday, April 11, 2014

Stash I received from House Of Stitches

100_9101 Stash Items from my LNS - 4-10-2014
This is my Order that I got from House Of Stitches - EXCEPT FOR THE BAG - I got material, threads to start "Moon" Picture.  Q Snaps, Plastic Bobbins, Magnetic Board, Bird House Needle Minder, and a Get Well Card.  Thank you so very much. 

100_9104 - Lois Bell's Stash that I inherited due to her passing away - 4-10-2014
These are the Stitching Items that I got from House Of Stitches from my friend Lois
who passed away back in January of this year.  She had lots of patterns, supplies and
all of that and I got some of her Stitching Stuff. 
100_9105 - Lois Bell Stash that I got due to her passing away - 4-10-2014
This is more of her Stitching Stuff that I received yesterday in the mail.  I just could not believe my eyes when I got all of this from my friend Lois who is no longer here with us. 

100_9106 - Lois Bell's bag that she used for her Stitching - 4-10-2014
My friend Lois had this bag and it is a huge stitching bag and so is so
Springy looking.  I have all of my current projects in this bag now and I dearly
love this bag.  It is so nice and big with pockets inside. 
Thanks for looking...
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Lots of great stitching goodies you got there! I love the bag and every time you use you will think of your dear friend Lois, that makes it extra special.

  2. Holy Cow! look who's gone and given herself a bunch of stitching goodies. Have fun with the new STASH.

  3. What wonderful stitching treasures from your dear friend, Lois. It must have brought tears to your eyes when you opened her gift to you. May she rest in heavenly peace.