Friday, April 4, 2014

Ordered Stash, Q Snap Huggies, FREE Patterns

Dear Friends

   I placed two different orders today - Place a order with House Of Stitches in LaPorte IN.  Here is what I ordered:

Lots of DMC Floss
11 x 11 Q Snap Set
LoRan Magnetic Board - 8 x 10
2 Packages of Darice Plastic Bobbins
Material - 14 Count White Charles Craft

Than I placed a Order with Christine through her website called

I ordered 3 Different Q Snap Huggies - Size 11 x 11.  I put in a special request that I wanted a very colorful Butterfly Huggie for my Q Snaps.  She said that she can find the material to make me one that has very colorful butterflies on it.  If you want to place a order with her - for Q Snaps and Scroll Rods Huggies you email her and tell her what you want.  Her prices are cheap as far as I am concern.  Her email is listed on her website.  I got an email from her within 15 minutes after I emailed her and she is really good.  Her Q Snap Huggies are so darn cute.  I hope that you will order from her.  I want to thank Deborah Farris Bryant for letting me know about Christine's Website.  Christine lives in Indiana and I am from Indiana too.  I ordered a Birdie Huggie,  A Butterfly Huggie, and a Ladybug Huggie.  I can't wait til I get them.  I am so excited about this. 

FREEBIE PATTERNS:  Brooke's Books Publishing is offering a Free Pattern from 3-2014 - 10-2015.  These are called Advent Animals. Here is her website:

If you go to her website you can download the First Advent Animal.  You have to have Adobe Reader in order to download the Free Pattern.  The First Free Advent Pattern is called Katie Kitty.  She is really cute.  I am printing them all out as they are being offered but I am not going to stitch them right away. 

I ordered Pizza from Pizza Hut tonight for my supper and had it delivered...I got a Medium Size Super Supreme Pizza, Cheesy Sticks, and a 20 ounce bottle of Pepsi.  I was so hungry for Pizza from Pizza Hut.  They deliver so I had them deliver my order.  Everything was so very delicious.  I think I will live

I am going to spend the evening in my jammies and stitch on Autumn Splendor.  If I have time tomorrow I will post a picture of my progress of this.  It is coming along really well.  I am about ready to do the last big leaves at the top. 

It has been rainy, cold, and very windy out today.  I have stayed in all day today. 

Take care
God Bless
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


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