Friday, March 14, 2014

Movies I have been watching

Hi Friends

     The Sun is out and I hope more of the Snow and the Ice will melt today.  I still have some Ice and Snow on my side of my car and I want it to all melt before I start running around this afternoon. 

    I have canceled my Direct TV Service - I love Direct TV but I cannot afford it.  The only thing that I have to send back to them is the Receiver Card and that is it.  I unhooked everything myself and tore apart like about 5 different wires and so now I don't have any wires laying on my living room floor except for the one that is coming from the dish satellite and that is it.  I even got my DVD/VCR to work after unhooking everything.  I was really surprise about that. 

I bought a Antenna for my TV but due to being a older TV I have to buy the box so the HDTV Channels will come in automatically.  If I can't buy a box either at Radio Shack or Walmart than I may have to buy me a HDTV. 

In the meantime I have been watching movies from Netflix - DVD's as well as on my computer - streamlined into my computer.  I love watching Cartoons as well as some of the older TV Shows which I have been getting from Netflix.  This Summer I will be going to the Family Video place and getting my movies from there as well. 

I have been watching:

Dora the Explorer - Its A Party
Dora the Explorer - Slumber Party
Cheers - TV Show - Season 1

All from Netflix and through Netflix...

Everyone have a beautiful day today...

God Bless
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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