Saturday, March 22, 2014

11 1/2 Quilt Blocks Made for my Spider Web Quilt

100_9097 - Quilt Blocks for Spider Web Quilt - 3-22-2014
100_9096 - Quilt Blocks For Spider Web Quilt - 3-22-2014
100_9095 - Quilt Blocks for Spider Web Quilt - 3-22-2014
Here are my 11 1/2 Quilt Blocks that I have made as of today....I did not do these over night that is for sure...It took time to make these.  These are for my Spider Web Quilt.  I am going to put Black Sashing in between each set of 4 blocks going down and going across...and than I will probably use Black Material for my Border as well.  Than whatever color of material I choose for the backing I will use that for the binding as well.  Than I will have this quilted professional and I would like to have a Spider Web Design as the Final Quilting on my Quilt. 
I dearly love making these Triangles and I am just using scraps of material that people have given to me.  I love this pattern and it is so easy.  After I get this one completed than I want to make a Log Cabin Quilt and master that one. 
I have my next 10 web sheets cut to draw the triangle pattern on so with the 10 web sheets worth of Triangles that will give me about 25 altogether....I need somewhere between 20 - 30 Quilt Blocks for the size that I want it.  I am going to start on Quilt Block #13 tomorrow...I am so excited...I am getting close in finishing up the Quilt Blocks as far as making them from the Triangles!  :)
Thanks for looking....enjoy.....
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. I love the quilt Linda and that is certainly a lot of work. Many, many hours of cutting placing and sewing. Your work is always beautiful.

  2. A very vibrant and colourful project.

  3. Great blocks Linda! My quilting mojo has been dormant for awhile but I still enjoy looking at great new quilts!