Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Went Clothes Shopping

Hello to my Dear Friends

    Yesterday was bill paying day and all of that.  I went to the Post Office,  the Telephone Office, the Bank, Radio Shack, and I went to Walmart two different times.

 I buy my Phone Card at Radio Shack.  I was buying my phone card at Walmart but the last two times that I went to get my Phone Card they kept coming up with excuses why they didn't have them in so I went to Radio Shack and they have my phone card and its in their computer system and my Pin Number for my phone is right on the receipt and I like that a whole lot better than the phone card itself.  I love Radio Shack and I hope they never ever go out of Business in my town. 

I went to Walmart two different times yesterday - the first time I went I just bought my groceries,  the second time I went I bought just clothes.  I had way too much fun yesterday buying clothes.  Here is what I bought:

Two Pairs Of Blue Jeans
One Pair of Green Dress Pants
Jammies Outfit
Clip On Sunglasses
Two Packages of M & M's.

I found a really nice Red Dress Pants and if they had it in one size bigger I could've bought me a pair but the other pair was too tight on me so I decided against it.  I don't like my clothes tight on me at all.  Its very uncomfortable for me.  Its been ages since I bought myself any clothes.  Now if I can only buy me dress pants - red, white, blue colors that fits me I will have it made.  We have another clothing store in my City so I will check the other place out later. 

I also stopped at McDonalds in between my two trips to Walmart and had lunch. 

Yesterday I sent in a Stash Order to 123stitch and here is what I bought:

PC Stitch 10 Software Program - this is the program that you can turn your photos into patterns and stitch them.  I can't wait til I get this Software Program.  I should have it by the end of next week.  Joann doesn't have this program in stock but it will be in stock sometime this week so I should have this no later than next week.

Today we are suppose to have a really bad snowstorm - 6 to 9 inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon with blowing and drifting.  Guess what I will be doing later today - shoveling snow around my car.  I am not going to wait til it is all done before I go out to shovel.  That is harder on me than if I go out every two hours or so and shovel. Tonight is going to be the worst of it - snowing, blowing, and drifting.  The local schools will probably be canceling again tomorrow due to the weather. 

Today is laundry day - I always wash my new clothes before I wear them so I will be doing laundry this morning. 

I have decided to stitch on Alphabet Soup in the late afternoons and evenings.  In the mornings I stitch on Rocky Mountain Christmas.  I will be posting progress pictures over the weekend. 

Have a Beautiful Day

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad


  1. You have been busy Linda! :) Hope it doesn't snow to much, so it won't be too hard for you with the shovelling. Take care, hugs x

  2. Wow, I am tired just reading all you did. Happy stitching and stay safe in the coming snow.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! You sure got a lot accomplished! Nice that you got some fun shopping in along with the chore shopping. I'll be shoveling right along with you -- we get the big snow tomorrow.

  4. What fun you must have had buying all those lovely new goodies. I hope you stay safe in the snow, brrrrr.....

  5. That's a lot of snow! Stay safe. I'm longing snow as all we've had is rain. I just don't think we'll get any now though.

  6. Oh my, it sounds like you have been a busy girl! Hope that you get to have lots of stitching time, cozy and snug inside, while the snow blankets the earth once again. Blessings!