Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WIP's Photos

100_9067 - Rocky Mountain Christmas - Designer - Marty Bell - 1-6-2014

Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell...I got a little bit more done on this - I am still on Page 3 out of 6 Pages...I haven't had much time to stitch lately but I am planning on stitching starting today through the weekend.  This is going slow but every confetti stitching is well worth it though. 

100_9068 - Fish City - Designer - Stoney Creek - 1-6-2014

Fish City by Stoney Creek...I am on Page 4 which is actually Page 1 out of 18 Pages.  I love stitching on this but there are tons of back stitching to this and tons of Quarter Stitches so I am taking my time with this as well.  I am stitching on Mr. Fish #2. 


The State of Indiana has been under a State Of Emergency for the last two days due to the Blizzard like Conditions and now we are having extreme cold conditions.  The regular temp as I am writing this is a -10F  and with the wind chill factor it is a -36F Degrees.  It is really cold outside today and everything is closed up good and tight.  The only places that are open in my City is the gas stations and that is it and of course the grocery stores. 

We got up to 14 inches of snow.  My poor car is buried in the snow thanks to the Snow Plow and where I live at the Maintenance People won't plow out the snow that are in and around our cars due to the liability stuff so we have to do it ourselves or find somebody else to do it for us.  I am not suppose to shovel so I haven't fiqured out what I'm going to do yet.  We are suppose to get more snow plus rain which will make everything so slippery.


As you saw when you first looked at my post I got my two WIP's posted...these two are the ones that I am stitching on until I get them finished.  I am going to throw in a HAED WIP in there too as soon as I get the rest of my threads for A Mothers Kiss A Fathers Touch. 

I am starting to get my DMC Threads and my GAST organized...I am starting to put them in the Floss Baggies and marking them what they are.  I think I will store them in boxes of some sort.  I haven't decided which boxes yet. 

Today will be stitching day for me...I am going to stay in my jammies and my golden slippers and stitch the whole day long and watch TV/Movies. 

Take care,
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Linda I just love Rocky Mountain Christmas! It is so pretty. Hope you can get your car shoveled out but stay warm!

  2. Lovely WIPs you have on the go and I can't wait to see you stitching the HAED I love that chart :) Hope the weather gets better soon and you get your car shoveled mean time stay warm and safe :)

  3. Gorgeous stitching. I'll send you some of your warmth.

  4. Both WIP's are looking fantastic. Great progress.