Saturday, August 24, 2013

PICS - WIP's - RMC, Grandfather's Barn

100_8823 - Rocky Mountain Christmas - Designer - Marty Bell - 8-24-2013

Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell.  I finally finished another Column and I have started stitching the next Column.  Millions of Confetti Stitching. 

100_8824 Grandfather's Barn - Designer - TIAG - 8-24-2013

Grandfather's Barn by TIAG - Marilyn Leavitt Imblum.

These two projects are for my Crazy January 2013 Projects.  I have more but I haven't worked on them all week.  I was lucky to work on these two.  I am really enjoying both of these.  They are fun to work on. 

I was working at my church for the last two days and I went out to get my lunch yesterday - well two of my Brake Lines decided to break so I just barely had enough Brakes to get back to the church from going to McDonalds.  I called my Car shop, they came and drove my car back to their shop and than they replaced the two broken brake lines.  I am so very thankful that I had enough brakes to make it back to the church.  It is awfully scary when you just barely have enough brakes to make your car stop when you need to.  The next time that happens I am not going anywhere.  God was with me yesterday. 

That was my excitement for yesterday (Friday).  Yesterday was my Monday.  Other things happened to but I am not going to mention them on here. 

I have had a very easy day today.  I went to Walmart and got a few things and that has been it.  Tomorrow (Sunday) is Rally Day at my church.  We are going to be worshiping in the Round in the Worship Center at 10 a.m.,  than a meal,  than games for Adults as well as Children.  It is going to be one very busy day tomorrow.  Camping is at my church tonight as well too but I am not going camping in this heat.  Besides that my poor child - Railroad - would miss me terribly if I was gone over night without him. 

That is all for now...

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad (My Cat)


  1. beautiful updates, happy stitching

  2. Great progress on both projects. I love RMC.


  3. I love RMC and the confetti is giving such a great effect! Can't wait to follow your progress on both projects.

  4. Wonderful stitching progress on these two pieces!!

  5. Lovely stitching Linda, & praise God that He was with you during your brake problems yesterday! That happened to me once long ago so I know firsthand what you were experiencing. Sounds like a fun time planned at church today! Enjoy!