Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weather, Reading, Stitching, Thank you

Good Morning Everyone

     The weather has turn cooler - like in the 50' is only 53 Degrees outside as I am writing this.  I love cooler weather...its easier on my breathing.  I don't like it when it is really hot and humid out.  I don't go anywhere when its that way.  We did get some rain yesterday but not very much.  We are suppose to get more rain today so we will see.  You can never tell about Mother Nature :)

I finished reading "Body Of Evidence" by Patricia Cornwell.  This is Book #2 in her Kay Scarpetta Series.  I dearly love this Series.  I loved the ending of this book.  This book is so good.  I can't hardly put them down once I start reading them.  This is a Library Book.  I am going to be ordering Book #3 through the Ever Green Library System through my Library pretty soon.  I went to my local Library on Friday and I got four Young Adult Books to read from the Young Adult Library Section in my Library.  The Young Adult Library is huge by itself.  I am currently reading "Nora Maybe a Ghost Story" by Constance C. Greene.  This is a really cute family type story.  It is about a family - Parents and their two daughters - the Mother gets Breast Cancer and she passes away.  The Father starts going with another woman and the two girls calls her "Tooth".  Well the two girls are trying to keep their dad from marrying this woman they called "Tooth".  The things they don't come up with is hilarious.  I have been laughing since I have been reading this book.  The girls are so funny.  I love this book. 

I have been stitching on Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell.  I will post a progress picture of this sometime later today.  I am still enjoying stitching this beautiful pattern.  I do have the very bottom of Page 2 completely done.  Now I'm working my way up to the top on the left side.  Once I get past the "Slow" Section than it won't take me long to finish up with Page 2.  The "Slow" Section is lots of Confetti Stitching. 

I want to welcome all of the new followers of my Blog.  Thank you so much and I hope that you will enjoy reading my Blog and looking at my photos.  Thank you all for all of the comments that you have been leaving on my Posts. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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