Thursday, May 2, 2013

PIC...Another Triangle Done....PIC

100_8475 - Triangle for my Spider Web Quilt - 5-1-2013

I made this Triangle yesterday - May Day - May 1st - out of Scraps of Material that I have cut up into strips and so all I had to do yesterday is sew the strips onto the Foundation.  The Foundation does not come off.  It stays on.  Than I had to sew all the way around the Triangle and than cut my 1/4 inch seam line and that is what makes this into the shape of the Triangle.  This is my 10th single Triangle that I have made so far.  It takes 4 of these Triangles to make one Quilt Block. 

I have started to make another Triangle and I am hoping that I can finish my Triangle sometime today.  I love making these Triangles.  It is fun to pick out my scraps of material and than make the lovely Triangles.  I love Quilting. 

Tuesday Night I went to my County Quilting Club Meeting and I really had fun and enjoyed it very much.  We had a Guest Speaker by the name of Caroline and she owns a Quilt Shop in Rome City, IN.  I would love to go see her shop sometime...Her Quilts are just beautiful and her daughter makes things out of Wool.  They are fabulous too.  She brought books, material, and other Quilting Stash related stuff and we got to buy anything that we wanted from her so I bought some fat quarters and a book and a Needle Minder that is a Bird House.  It is so cute.  It matches my Scissors Fob now because that is a Bird House as well with a small Bird House Plaque that has a picture of a Bird Nest on it. 

I sat out on my Patio most of the day yesterday - I read some and I stitch on "America" by Jeanette Crew Designs.  It was sure beautiful out yesterday.  I ate my breakfast out on my Patio yesterday morning and than last night I sat out on my Patio stitching on my project.  I took Railroad outside for a while yesterday morning.  He loved it. 

I still have to trim the very bottom of this but at least it is done now. 

Well that is all for now....

Love & Prayers
God Bless You All
Linda K, Railroad

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