Monday, April 22, 2013

I've been stitching

Hi Everyone

   I have decided to Alternate Daisy Offerings & Fish City.  I stitched on Daisy Offerings this morning until shortly after noon today.  Than tonight I will be stitching on "America" by Jeanette Crew Designs.  Tomorrow morning I will be stitching on Fish City.  Fish City is by Stoney Creek. 

It is a beautiful day out today...the sun is shining,  it is just a tad bit cool out, and I have my outside lawn chairs out on the Patio where I live at. 

I picked up two more books from the Wait & Read Container in the lounge where I am living at.  The Library offers this service to everyone where I live at.  It is a fantastic service for them to do.  They come about every 6 weeks, takes the books out and than put new books in the containers.  We can keep these books if we want to.  The two books that I picked up is James Patterson's books..."Sail" and "Tick Tock". 

I go back to my doctor for a check up due to having Tracheobronchitis on Thursday morning of this week so I will find out more than.  I am starting to gradually get my energy back and I'm starting to feel better too a little bit.  I am still taking it easy though.  I still can't talk for too long at a time or cough very much due to my throat starting to hurt if I do. 

Well that is all for now....

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad

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